Personalize Your Outdoor Living Area

Often even well-appointed homes have bland backyard living areas. Putting personal touches outside is an easy way to have a yard as stylish as the home interior. The key is to choose outdoor furniture and accessories that reflect your own personality and are hearty enough to withstand the elements.

Key Pieces for a Chic Outdoor Living Area

  • Outdoor Rug. As a foundation for your outdoor space, a rug that is specially made to tolerate the sun and rain will help define seating areas. Outdoor rugs do not need to be limited in terms of size, though. There are many sizing and installation options just like with interior decor.
  • Lighting. Use of your outdoor space should not be limited to daylight hours. There are many options aside from garish porch lights. In fact many lamps made for outdoor spaces look so good that you might be tempted to protect them from the elements that they are made to withstand.
  • Ottoman. Kick back and relax. Throw those tired feet up on a classic ottoman after a hard day, and enjoy the therapeutic view of a sunset. In styles featuring natural hues to bold black-and-white, show your personality with a sturdy, comfy ottoman.
  • Hammock. Sometimes when the weather is perfect and the moment is right, going inside for a nap or to read seems almost like a punishment. No outdoor living area is complete without a place to lie around and really relax.
  • Fountain. A water feature adds an element of sound and movement that creates peace. You may even be able to attract birds that will bathe and hang around. You can create your own haven in your backyard with just a few touches, such as a well-placed fountain and your favorite fauna surrounding the water.
  • Fire pit. Fire can be just as relaxing as a water feature, and it warms up the area so you can use it all year. Adding a fireplace will make outdoor living as homey as indoor.
  • Patio furniture. Do not forget features like a table and chairs for dining and a few well-placed patio chairs for company to relax and socialize.

Each of the seven elements above will come together to make a perfect outdoor living area. Be sure to choose each piece personally to make everything reflect who you are in your own personal paradise.

At Casual Image, we offer all the pieces you need to make your outdoor area perfect with a variety of styles to choose from.

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