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Outdoor Living Layout

For over 30 years Casual Image has offered MORE than just a great place to try out and purchase quality outdoor furniture.  We are truly vested into the design of your space, and most interested in transforming your outdoor living area into the most desired place to be at home!  Casual Image now offers a FREE quick mock up of your outdoor living space by providing you an Outdoor Living Layout plan!

After submitting this required information, one of our family members will come up with a design plan to present some great ideas to you in Marietta showroom.  This FREE service helps maximizes your shopping time while in our showroom, as we will be familiarized with the space at home.  Casual Image can also correspond via phone, text, or email to “dial” into your preferences as well.    Please allow 3-5 business days after submitting your information to get a customized plan.