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Outdoor Kitchens

Q: We are interested in building an outdoor kitchen, we can we start?
A: An outdoor summer kitchen is an awesome feature to build in any outdoor living space. A great place to start is to visit our outdoor kitchen showroom to get a great idea of how we design and build our kitchen structures. You will see a variety types of kitchens and finish options, as well as some great equipment that can be used in the kitchen. Bring photos of your space as well as some ideas of what you are thinking.

Q: How do you design an outdoor kitchen?
A: A summer kitchen is more than just a place to cook food…a well thought out kitchen plan includes space for family to gather round for outdoor entertainment. The chef should always feel part of the family fun, and not “away” from the good times while food is cooking. Our plans include a custom made and laid out kitchen structure that meets all of your requirements and the equipment you want to use.

Q: Can I use the grill equipment we already own?
A: YES. We can build a kitchen using equipment you may already own. Keep in mind, the equipment should be in really good shape and should be quality as to not have to replace any time soon. All cut outs for equipment are custom made for each individual piece.

Q: How much does an outdoor kitchen cost?
A: With the aluminum frame structure we design and finish…pricing an outdoor kitchen structure is simple and easy. Our kitchens cost anywhere from $400-$650 per linear foot finished with a counter top. The most common size of most kitchens we build is around 10ft long x 32″ deep (roughly $4000 to $6500 for the structure). However, we can build any length kitchen and even curved structures as well.

Q: Where can I see pictures of your kitchen projects?
A: Photos of many of our Outdoor Lifestyles projects can be found on our website gallery of photos: Gallery Photos If you have any inspirational photos of projects you have seen, please let us know….just about every feature you can think of can be created and accommodated!

Q: Who should I contact with questions?
A: Please email or call with any questions….we can be reached at rskeean@casualimage.com or call the main telephone line at 770-971-5605 x 2 for the Sales Floor.