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Outdoor Heaters

Q: What type of outdoor heating options are available?
A: We carry a variety of heating options for outdoor living spaces. Most common heating solutions include electric heaters. Casual Image carries lamp style, free-standing, and wall mount electric heaters that all have different pros and cons. In addition, we also have LP Gas heaters and simple outdoor blankets too!

Q: How much heat is produced by outdoor heaters?
A: Both electric and gas heaters emit radiant energy wavelengths. Without getting too “in the weeds” with the science…imagine the heat you feel from the sun on a cold winter’s day. That is radiant heat. The air temperature remains cool but the radiant energy heats you as an object in space. Our outdoor heaters emit a variety of BTUs depending on the product.

Q: How much warmer should we feel by placing an outdoor heater in our space?
A: Trying to answer this question as easy as possible, an outdoor heater should help you feel about 10-20 degrees warmer depending on the product. Again, this is your personal heat feel…NOT an increase in room air temperature. As soon as temperatures drop in the 20-30s…a 15-20 degree increase in personal heat still only makes the area feel 50 degrees (which is still cold to many). Ideally, outdoor heaters work the absolute best when air temps drop to 40-50 degrees.

Q: Can I use an outdoor heater in my sunroom or enclosed porch?
A: Yes and No. To be clear…any gas burning outdoor heater should NOT be used in a closed in space. The emissions from gas burning appliances could create carbon monoxide and IS NOT Safe to use. Conversely, electric heaters DO NOT create carbon monoxide and CAN BE used in sunrooms or enclosed porches.

Q: Does electric outdoor heaters need something other than “house power” to operate?
A: Small electric outdoor heaters (lamps and mobile heaters) only require standard house power and can plug into any outdoor GFI. Our fixed electric heaters require professional installation for 240V power and wiring directly back to the house panel.

Ultimately, Casual Image can put together a outdoor heating plan for your space at home that will help increase the potential time spent. Many of our clients prefer to live outdoors as much as possible, and we are committed to finding solutions to meet that need.