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Custom Gas Firepits

Q: Can you convert a wood burning fire pit feature to a gas burner?
A: Yes it can be done, there are some pre-checks to be done to be more confident you get the gas flame result you desire. Feel free to stop by the store and/or call us to discuss what needs to be checked out.

Q: What type of gas burner would go into my outdoor fire pit at home.
A: Depending on the size and depth of the fire pit we would install a stainless steel burner (variety of shapes) and a pan (flat or bowl) to accomplish.

Q: How do we operate the new gas fire pit?
A: There are a variety of methods to be used. Most simple is a simple “match-light” where the current valve in place would be used with a match to turn the set on. We also can offer a pilot valve system too either start with battery spark ignitor or an electric start.

Q: My fire pit doesn’t have a gas line?
A: Well that is a problem for converting the fire pit over to a gas burner. A NG gas line or LP tank design would need to be included into our quote.

Q: Can I hook by gas fire pit up to my smart home? or remote control?
A: Our electric start valves can be controlled by a remote control or smart phone. We even have the ability to turn the flame up or down with these remote control options.