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About Us

Established in 1987, Casual Image is pleased to have earned a reputation as Atlanta’s friendly, family-owned retailer as well as your sophisticated resource for cutting-edge products and professional services—all for outdoor pleasure.

Our extensive product, brand selections, excellent warranties, auxiliary services, and valued knowledge have made us the premier choice among outdoor living aficionados.

Over the past decade, outdoor living spaces have evolved from the typical backyard with a basic grill to elaborately designed havens for dining, amusements, and relaxation. In satisfying the demand for the ultimate outdoor experience, Casual Image has meticulously researched and sourced products worldwide. Beyond exceeding your expectations with impressive product choices, we take the time to consult with you—all to ensure that we deliver a gratifying outdoor sanctuary.

Consequently, in addition to helping you design an aesthetically pleasing space, we will assist you in securing maximum value with comfort, low maintenance, durability, sufficient capacity, and required function.

Our customers often express that we offer more Outdoor Living options than competitors, yet we the entire shopping experience easy and fun. Professional designers, too, appreciate the efforts we take to make their jobs stress-free. We can help your clients be able to get exactly they are looking for; there is no issue we can’t resolve from furniture and/or fabric options. We offer complete turn-key service, ensuring your clients receive the highest level of service in every aspect of the outdoor living shopping experience.

We invite you to browse our online showrooms or visit us in person. For immediate answers to you questions, please contact us.