Grill Collections

Now that outdoor grilling has entered the realm of restaurant quality cooking, Casual Image is prepared to serve you with unsurpassed products along with a depth of firsthand knowledge. Tell us what you desire, and we’ll facilitate an ideal choice.

  • All of our grills, which are high BTU burners, present superior heat delivery systems—never fret with hot spots or cold spots.
  • Our Stainless Grills feature all 300 series stainless; heavy gauges 14, 16, 18; ground and polished welds; all heli-arc welded joints and seams.
  • INSTANT caramelization enables you to grill perfectly, sealing in juices for tender, moist and flavorful
  • Choose any gas grill design—from the smaller workhorse, cast aluminum head grill to the stainless outdoor kitchen appliances.
  • Our Grilling Department is complete with gas grills, wood pellet grills, grill dome kamados, etc.
  • The Big Green Egg is another popular product we carry in our store for the outdoor grill aficianado.
  • Create your own signature grill with our array of sauces, seasonings, and rubs well known with grilling aficionados.